20 May 2015


Mantilla Jacket by S T E L L A  B L A N C H  E  $189. Image by Bryony Jackson.

We have decided it's time to thank the boutiques and outlets who provide a platform for Melbourne-made designer labels. Without their support, designers such as ourselves, may we be established, or fledgling, would not be able to exist!

Today we are featuring LUPA, who opened their Westgarth store in 2001 in response to increase in disposable fashion with unethical methods of production.  With a flourishing scene of small-scale collections being produced by local designers, owner Davina Adamson wanted to develop a platform just for them, and 14 years later enter LUPA number two, in Fitzroy!
Visit either store for a generous selection of all Melbourne- Made designer fashion, including 
S T E L L A  B L A N C H E!! 

LUPA- Northcote
55 High Street
(03) 9481 1614

LUPA- Fitzroy
77 smith St
(03) 94151879

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